2018 was a busy year as I worked on my Honours project at Queensland College of Art. Titled 

Reviving Ancient Representations of the Divine Feminine: How honouring the Goddess Provides a Peaceful Alternative to the Patriarchal Paradigm.

As the world slides into social and ecological chaos, many seek ways to transform societal structures. My research investigates whether reviving the ancient imagery of earth-centred goddess worship could act as a visual catalyst, awakening the collective unconscious. I ask, can honouring the divine feminine provide a peaceful alternative to the patriarchal paradigm?

 European archaeomythologist, Dr Marija Gimbutus combined empirical evidence of archaeology and artefacts with myths and folklore, to decipher a visual language related to primordial goddess worship. Gimbutus argues ancient European societies were matristic, egalitarian, peaceful and prosperous. Additionally, Carl Jung associates the goddess with primordial archetypes, to which modern mankind has an ancient connection. I argue that by using artwork to reintroduce archaic goddess motifs and symbols to the contemporary population, the collective unconscious may be awakened to a better way of structuring society and caring for the earth.

The research has revealed a universality of goddess symbols from which I have drawn my inspiration. This project has been ritualistic and ceremonial in nature. I imbue natural, earth-based materials and myself with power from the ocean, the earth and the sky. Whilst being mindful of both the Divine Feminine and my own Indigenous and European heritage, I work intuitively with imagery based on petroglyphs (rock carvings) and dendroglyphs (tree carvings) associated with women’s ceremony. The act of reviving the imagery and symbols of an earth-centred age is a call to transformative action.


Here's some images of the process and progress of the work and the final exhibition.

Ceremony in the sea

Washing the raw canvas in salt water

Eons of Energy Panel

Ceremony in the sea


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